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5 Ways You’re Driving Up Your Shipping Costs

It’s no secret—shipping is complicated. Really complicated. So complicated that iDrive Logistics was created just to make it less complicated (and to reduce your shipping costs, of course). With so many moving pieces, it’s easy to lose track of cost drivers and end up spending too much. Here are five ways you may be wasting…


Biggest Concern for Procurement Managers? So Interesting you should ask.

According to a recent survey, the number one pressure faced by procurement professionals is to reduce costs and increase savings. What—You didn’t think we’d get a hold of this statistic and NOT write a blog article to position the small parcel industry, did you? There is no doubt that procurement professionals manage a wide range…


Shipping I.Q. Starts with Data…and Prescription Eye-glasses

Let’s face it. “Data” is a trendy term. Everyone wants to talk about it and prove to others that they know what it means to live in a data-driven world. It’s a wildly popular thing to bring up in any conversation, as if simply saying the word “data” will automatically make you look smarter. The…


Shipping Contracts: ‘Cost Modeling’ Your Way to a Better Deal

This article was first published in the Jan-Feb edition of Parcel Magazine (2016). To view the full magazine click below. This article is located on page 7 immediately following the “Editor’s Note.”     Shipping Contracts: ‘Cost Modeling’ Your Way to a Better Deal By Shaun Rothwell, Founder and CEO of iDrive Logistics Shippers use one…


Shipping Contracts: Negotiating a Better Deal

In basic terms, the standardized (and ultra-frank) formula for negotiating carrier agreements is this: Company A wants to renegotiate its carrier agreement. Company A compares its basic shipping profile to Company B. Company B looks a lot like Company A. So, Company A pursues pricing based on what Company B has. In other words, Company A…


3 Big Ways USPS Cuts Your Costs

Switching to USPS Can Save You 15-30% on Shipping No, really—it can. How does USPS do this? They cut your costs in several ways, but here we identify the three big ones. No Residential Surcharges with USPS The private carriers—FedEx, UPS—tack on extra charges for fuel, delivering to residential areas and to zip codes they consider…


The Inflated Beach Ball Phenomenon: 3 Items that Cost Less to Ship

Every so often you discover a “life quirk” that on the surface doesn’t make much sense—like a bowling ball that’s cheaper to ship than an inflated beach ball. But usually, a deeper dive reveals the technicalities that explain these quirks and make them less fun—like your nerdy friend who responds to your light-hearted jokes with…